Executive Charter

If your tired of traffic jams, lane dodging and the executive stress of getting to work, then rise above it all with Griffair.

You can make a powerful impression and arrive for your next meeting in real style, and in the minimum time – Griffair 4/5 seater turbine jet Gazelle SA341G has a top speed of 168 knots – just under 200 mph – the worlds fastest for it’s size and class.

An executive charter gives you the freedom to hop from meeting to meeting fast – and drop in to check on the progress of those vital projects. You will find an enormous saving in the cost of time spent travelling, making your business time so much more effective and profitable.


Griffair at present operate an ‘Aerospatiale Squirrel’ helicopter. This aircraft is ideal for executive travel and can be chartered at a very reasonable rate. Take a look at the pictures below and we are sure you will agree that this is the perfect aircraft to meet your every need.

The interior is spacious giving ample leg and head room for the passengers comfort.

Our aircraft can be fitted with your company logo’s etc to provide the ultimate corporate image.